iPhone Water Damage

Water and technology aren’t a great mix, and if you’ve had a mishap, you’re probably wondering ‘can a phone be fixed after water damage?’

We offer iPhone water damage repair services in Sydney, Australia. Our technicians will come straight to your home and assess the damage before repairing it for you. We’ll provide you with a tailored repair quote prior to undertaking the works so that you will be able to make an informed decision about your water damaged iPhone.

If your iPhone is water damaged, get in contact with us today.

Water Damage, iPhone Water Damage


2 Years Warranty on most of our repairs.

We Come To You

We can fix your iPhone most parts of the Sydney and all of the Illawarra Region.

Lowest Prices

Hit us up with a genuine quote and we will do it cheaper!

Free Screen Protector

All of our Cracked Screen Repairs come with a FREE Screen Protector worth $25.